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Double Trouble and Other Numbers 

To badly borrow a quote from a bygone confectionary advert,

"DarkCompass, with these broadcasts, you are really spoiling us."

This time though it's Once Upon A Time, at number 10 on the list in the most recent show, which in Roman numerals is X. X is in both Precurxor and CURXES, which started in 2010. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

We've also been sitting on our Asimov over at 3Fach, which is playing a host of amazing music over in Switzerland and our sombre spaceward track, The Stars, Like Dust. Listen in,

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TGIBF (Thank God It's Bandcamp Friday)! 

They're back! Bandcamp will be resuming Bandcamp Fridays in 2022. They'll be on February 4th, March 4th, April 1st, and May 6th.

As a small token of appreciation, every order (at least until we run out) placed on Bandcamp Friday will get a shiny new "Fidoratone" sticker, inspired by a long, meandering thread on synth logos and locally, lovingly made by our friends over the water at Sticker Freak (they're fellow fans of retro design and everything hauntology and horror-adjacent, so have a virtual wander over…

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Patch Bay 

As it turns out, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of my own space junk (some of which you can see in the video for The Stars, Like Dust) and whilst you can find Apollo moon landing commemorative plates, NASA mission patches and everything from Sputnik t-shirts to Cosmonaut Christmas decorations, there really isn’t much beyond a first day cover for BLACK ARROW or Prospero (and I only know that because Marlene, who I interviewed for BLACK ARROW, told me about having this lone souvenir at home - with a copy…

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Synth In The City 

Potentially your city, even, depending on where you're tuning in from. Anyway, nice to hear In Your Neighbourhood get a little play here whilst I'm working on some new bits and pieces.

Also, on the subject of synth cities, if the idea of owning a wall of vintage synths appeals but storage is a problem, then these might be the answer. They are made by a graphic designer called Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt and I love them. Check out the gallery (including a mini Space Echo) or watch one of my favourites, the…

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Co-op Of The Pops 

Orange you glad you took some time to read this blog? Because Youth Ascension, from the album with the fright-filled front, is on Resonate's staff pick playlist for February. You can listen to this month's top of the co-op pops here.

Start your weekend listening with our February 'staff picks' playlist 🎧 link in bio 👆#resonatecoop #playfair #ethicalstreaming #digitaldignity #musiccooperative #stream2own #futureofmusic #staffpicks

— Resonate (@resonatecoop) February 19, 2021

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Are Waves Electric? 

These ones are. ⚡

Always exciting to hear a blast of In Your Neighbourhood over the airwaves, especially when it's followed up by Sufjan Stevens (probably the only time I will ever get to say that) and we're coming up to three years since Gilded Cage was released. This edition of The Electric Wave show also includes Not Really (Virtual Reality) by Blancmange, who we shared a stage with back in 2017 (probably some of my favourite live outings with venue The 1865 having a notable part-Shining, part-Butlins…

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The Stars, Like Calbourne 

Turns out that I only live a few minutes away from a real-life version of The Stars, Like Dust. There’s an extensive article here about the Isle of Wight’s role in the space race, which is amazing and kind of weird.

Worth a read/view too, is this incredible project by Katayoun Dowlatshahi, which was based on the above discovery about rocket testing on the island. 

Thanks to Joe from Horseflies for the link!

I also saw a 1940s robot made from part of an RAF Bomber radio set, among other things.