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Synth In The City 

Potentially your city, even, depending on where you're tuning in from. Anyway, nice to hear In Your Neighbourhood get a little play here whilst I'm working on some new bits and pieces.

Also, on the subject of synth cities, if the idea of owning a wall of vintage synths appeals but storage is a problem, then these might be the answer. They are made by a graphic designer called Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira Rolt and I love them. Check out the gallery (including a mini Space Echo) or watch one of my favourites, the…

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Co-op Of The Pops 

Orange you glad you took some time to read this blog? Because Youth Ascension, from the album with the fright-filled front, is on Resonate's staff pick playlist for February. You can listen to this month's top of the co-op pops here.

Start your weekend listening with our February 'staff picks' playlist 🎧 link in bio 👆#resonatecoop #playfair #ethicalstreaming #digitaldignity #musiccooperative #stream2own #futureofmusic #staffpicks

— Resonate (@resonatecoop) February 19, 2021

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Gilded Change 

If you’re looking mournfully across a hillside, waiting for ‘Gilded Cage’ to arrive, then I have a short but hopefully exciting update for you. Hold on to those binoculars.

Firstly, I’ve decided to move the digital release date ever-so-slightly (to the 20th October 2017), but there is a very good reason for this. I’m thrilled to say that I have received some much welcome funding from The Mike Howley Trust on the Isle of Wight, which means that the album will be getting a vinyl release! With that in mind…

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