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Blast Off! 

BLACK ARROW is out today! Thanks to everyone who's taken the trip with me and to everyone who sent me a picture of their record too - I've enjoyed seeing a little piece of space on synths (thanks to Simon Pott for the main picture), sound setups and beyond (with the Take Hart music looped in my head)!

It's also been nice to be able to chat to people about the release and hear it played elsewhere, so a big thank you to The Dark Inside, SonOfMarketing, SoundGym and We Buy Records podcast for providing a…

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Here Comes The Son 

A huge thank you to SonOfMarketing, who have featured my forthcoming EP BLACK ARROW on their site, alongside a description of the project. You can read about it and stream the excerpt here.

It's SoundGym, But Not As We Know It 

In case you missed it (or I did), I was delighted to talk to the audio production platform SoundGym about budgie heads, flamingos and also non-bird-related matters, like how I like to work through songs and recounting my time imitating PJ Harvey at college. The bird is the word (and also a bit of a nerd) here.

Resonate in The Independent 

With conversations forming around algorithmic bias and the skewed payment models of larger streaming services, what viable alternatives are on offer for musicians and listeners?

Journalist and filmmaker Hazel Sheffield explores one such option, Resonate, which also includes a few of my thoughts on sustainability, streaming and inviting audiences to participate, rather than consume. Read it via The Independent.