1. Biarritz

From the recording Apophonia

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Where is your house in Biarritz?
Where is your wall of billboard hits?
The saddest part of all, it is…
...that no-one really cares about your woes
[SPOKEN] Be like Judy Garland, darling

Give them what they want
Let them think they've won
Or be dead and done

Such a sorry sight
For the protégé
(Heartbreak! / All ruins)
Never fade away!

Only you could fail
That spectacularly
(Don’t look down, don’t look down)
Well, don't look at me

Where is your house in Biarritz?
You might as well just cash your chips
You've really gone and fucked it.
But maybe no-one cares

'Cause it's none of their business
Though dismal and delicious
Super and superfi-cious
But no-one really cares
Except you