Blast Off!

BLACK ARROW is out today! Thanks to everyone who's taken the trip with me and to everyone who sent me a picture of their record too - I've enjoyed seeing a little piece of space on synths (thanks to Simon Pott for the main picture), sound setups and beyond (with the Take Hart music looped in my head)!

It's also been nice to be able to chat to people about the release and hear it played elsewhere, so a big thank you to The Dark Inside, SonOfMarketing, SoundGym and We Buy Records podcast for providing a place for space despite the heaviness of everything right now. With that in mind, I've collected together a few things I've been reading and they will be travelling through space and time shortly via my mailing list, so get involved if you'd like something to read that will briefly let you orbit the Earth. See you in the digital ether!

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