Double Trouble and Other Numbers

To badly borrow a quote from a bygone confectionary advert,

"DarkCompass, with these broadcasts, you are really spoiling us."

This time though it's Once Upon A Time, at number 10 on the list in the most recent show, which in Roman numerals is X. X is in both Precurxor and CURXES, which started in 2010. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

We've also been sitting on our Asimov over at 3Fach, which is playing a host of amazing music over in Switzerland and our sombre spaceward track, The Stars, Like Dust. Listen in, float away.

Finally, for anyone who picked up the CD bundle of issue 79 of Electronic Sound (I mentioned it previously here), you can say "been there, listened to that, got the t-shirt", as there is a wearable version of the cover artwork available from the Electronic Sound website

Electronic Sound t-shirt design, featuring artwork from issue 79.

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