Old Kids On The 'Block

That is Cock Block, of course, which is a mixtape released every Friday at noon on 8k.nz. Incredibly, you can hear ETHER/ORBIT *in its entirety* below. Whew. ✨

Spring Clean

So you might've noticed that the website is looking a bit fancier. We're very much back from space travels now and I decided to do some digital DIY. Hope you like it.

Also, I've made several improvements to the…

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Shortwave Transmissions

Broadcasts and radio seem to be a bit of a theme recently. First off, BLACK ARROW & ETHER/ORBIT were released together on cassette via The Dark Outside (normally broadcasting from the Galloway Forest) and now Cities and Memory has released…

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Space Spools

What's that, you say? The splendid Dark Outside label is releasing BLACK ARROW and ETHER/ORBIT together on a special dual colour cassette?

That's right! Tapes will be limited to 100 copies, so make sure you set your alarm for launch…

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A Seance for a Satellite

A transmission within a transmission. Thanks to Simon Heartfield for playing some of ETHER/ORBIT on his Secret Self Seance Radio show, along with Pye Corner Audio, Halina Rice, Rupert Lally and many more. You can listen below or view the…

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Patch Bay

As it turns out, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of my own space junk (some of which you can see in the video for The Stars, Like Dust) and whilst you can find Apollo moon landing commemorative plates, NASA…

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