Filling In The Blancs

Pudding on the ritz and sharing this excellent photograph by Aleksandra Kingo, because I’m delighted to once again be sharing a stage with Blancmange, this time on the 20th October 2017 at The 1865 in Southampton. Tickets available…

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The Orange Curtain

Head over to Bandcamp to watch the sinister video for ‘Uniseum’ (by my good friend Rob Luckins) and read about forthcoming album ‘Gilded Cage’, released 20.10.17.


Somewhere between my time as an ugly duckling and black swan theory, I enjoyed my time as a beautiful flamingo, contributing to the new Deluxe Flamingos EP

It’s out now at all good Bandcamps. Don’t pay what you want…

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Hold on, I’ll just put you through…

Wonderful, informative modular synthesiser lecture and performance at the University of Portsmouth as part of Portsmouth Festivities.


This was the last picture on the old Curxes site before it was deleted in 2015, originally taken at the Kiasma Gallery in Finland. The only thing I have outgrown is motivational quotes in neon.