The Orb One Out

I recently contributed some vocals to a project by Simon Heartfield and they found their way into this atmospheric, immersive mix from when he supported The Orb last Thursday (full selection can be found by clicking the title). Hopefully the…

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X-3, 2, 1...Blast Off!

I hope the year is treating you well a few days in. Today is sponsored by the letter 'X' and the numbers 1971 and 2023.

X-3 was another name given to the Prospero satellite, launched by the BLACK ARROW rocket…

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Rewinding Cassettes: A Tape Miscellany

As many of the places for finding inspiration and discovering visual archives are shapeshifting again, I'm reminded that I should gather more things together and display them here, lest they disappear into some digital ether, along with all my best…

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Cities and Memory and Libraries

Thrilled to see that all of the Cities and Memory field recordings and compositions (including my contributions Huygens and Ottawa Shortwave) are now permanently archived at The British Library as part of their Sound and Moving Image Catalogue! Read

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