Dandelion and Brr-dock

I haven't been feeling particularly festive, but thankfully Dandelion Radio have come to the rescue, with Andy Morrision's first seasonal show since 2015! You can hear my solemn synth switch-up of a Santa song on rotation daily here in the…

Lurkin' 9 To 5

Drooping fingers have assumed new forms and you'd better beware, because twisted techno terror is coming to get you. 

Have a listen below to the most recent tale from the crypt/soundtrack from the void, which includes my remix of Drooping…

Ready, Cassette, Go!

The hawk-eyed among you might've noticed the recent appearance of a dual-colour, gem-encrusted cassette in various places. This is the first physical release of debut album 'Verxes', which is available exclusively to Bandcamp subscribers (and it's free too). It's backed…

Dark Outside in Waltham Forest

I’ve been sending secret synths in to this for a number of years now and still get a surge of pure joy from seeing not just my own name, but a sprawling community of the weird and wonderful who will…

Resonate in The Independent

With conversations forming around algorithmic bias and the skewed payment models of larger streaming services, what viable alternatives are on offer for musicians and listeners?

Journalist and filmmaker Hazel Sheffield explores one such option, Resonate, which also includes a…

Stubby Christmas

Sax-mad Santa has a message of free and jazzy tidings to deliver, thanks to the good folk at Stubby's House of Christmas. Toot toot. 🎷🎅

Gilded Halloween

Pretty pleased with my pumpkin carving efforts. Really realistic. 🎃📺

The Solent, Like Dust

Set your controls for the heart of the Solent and listen to 'The Stars, Like Dust' on BBC Solent Introducing here. 🚀📻